Wednesday, September 3

Tumbling at Tumalog

The darkness was overwhelming. It was as if the shadows were feeding on what little light my headlights were giving off. The relentless rain was pouring on my windshield, worsening my view of the road.  My passengers woke up startled because I hit the break all of a sudden, and they stayed awake for the rest of the trip. That was how my week ended. All of us went home intact and unscathed. That weekend was one for the books.

But before the darkness…
Before the rainstorm…
there were four friends in search of an adventure…
and boy were we in for a surprise!

That sunny Sunday morning, me and three of my friends were gearing up for a road trip to the south of Cebu. We were all itching for an adventure and decided to go on a nature trip to Oslob’s Tumalog falls. We did not do any research beforehand and just went along with the trip “old school” style. NO GPS, NO GOOGLE, NO MAP, just four friends and a borrowed car.

It was a three and a half hour drive to Oslob with the obligatory stop at Carcar Market to shop for local delicacies (who wouldn't stop for a bag of chicharon?!). We also had scenic stop at the century-old Boljoon church which was like a jewel hidden between coral stones. A great piece of Cebuano history.

Nuestra SeƱora de Patrocinio Parish Church of Boljoon

The church is fronting the Bohol Strait

There's a staircase across the church that leads to the crystal clear waters of the Bohol Strait. Locals and even tourists can take a quick dip here to cool off from the Cebu heat.

From Boljoon, it took us about another hour to go to Oslob. Tumalog falls is about 10 minutes away from the town proper by car but motorcycles or "habal'habal" are also available. 

You will see a sign at the right side of the road. The road to the falls is small and a bit steep but it's cemented.
We parked our car at the entrance and we had to walk 500 meters from there to get to the location. But it was no ordinary walk, though. The road going to the falls is so steep you would even hesitate to use your longboard or bikes while going down. Going down is easy, but going back up is a feat. 

However, when you reach the falls, you'll realize that it was all worth it.

The way home was dark. It was so timely that there was a power outage in the south and the rain was pouring nonstop. It was a little terrifying, but hey, I asked for an adventure, didn't I?